PlaSMA v13.03

PlaSMA executables and example scenarios

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PlaSMA v13.03 - UserGuide

PlaSMA UserGuide

PlaSMA v13.03 - Changelog

* Generally overhauled performance indication
* Persistent database storage of several experiments
* Simplified Java interface for performance indicators
* Added Ontology Concepts for means of public transport
* Finished Agents are now automatically deregistered from the directory facilitator
* finishedCycle-Improvements regarding FSM- and ParallelBehaviours
* Improved performance of standard routing algorithms
Aurora GUI Client
* Added configuration option to set PlaSMA language manually
* When objects of the same type are in the same place, the objects are consolidated into one icon with a number that indicates the amount of objects of the given type
* Added new icons for visualisation of means of public transport
* A GUI was added to simplify usage of the OSM-Importer
* New Features have been included
* The graph will automatically be reduced by all nodes and edges that are not relevant parts of the given infrastructure
* Subgraphs that are not connected to the main graph can be filtered
* Public Transport Networks can be imported from OSM
* Public Transport Networks from OSM can be linked to timetable information encoded in X10 forma
Command Line Client
* Added Batch-Run option